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Update: O!

Just to update on what I’m currently planning to do. The first week of uni isn’t as tight as the following weeks so I think I can manage creating another Coldplay tribute yay! BUUUT I think this one will receive a major touch up. (HOW YOU PART)

I usually just make fan art lettering works of Coldplay songs in no sequence whatsoever. These songs are not chosen by random though. It depends on feels. Haha. 

O is next. O, for me, is unlike any other Coldplay song that I’ve heard before. It has this whimsical appeal to it that attracts me especially the piano at the start. I can feel a comforting sadness (is that even a feeling?) through it (letting go maybe?). Heartbreaking but soothing. Other than that I think this song also reflects about how love is like a free bird. You can’t hold a person away from his or her freedom, and choices no matter how much you want him or her to stay - one of the many definitions of love.

This song is definitely one of my Coldplay favorites. The morals, the lyrics and the composing, everything was perfect.  


Just to update this blog with something..

I’m not dead yet!

*insert Stayin’ Alive song here*

I haven’t posted anything in this blog for a month(?) as I’ve gone under a sickness where I start doing something but end up procrastinating and altogether not finishing it. My desktop is filled with unfinished attempts that will probably accumulate dust in, well, a couple of years. 

Anyway, I’ll be back in university soon so I might not be able to update this blog constantly. I’ll try my best posting works. I’m currently studying hand lettering, and I’ve tried rendering some digitally however since I know for sure that I’ll be lacking time making those, I’ll probably post handmade or traditionally made lettering practices as to what I’m doing now.

However, that one is Coldplay and I love Coldplay so I will render that digitally. Heehee.

I’m also trying to update the blog’s theme and it’s under construction so bear with meee!! 

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